Juxtapoz Magazine – Thomas Hooper | Tattoo

Thomas Hooper is quite possibly one of the raddest living tattoo artists on the planet. He was born in Hastings East Sussex, where he studied drawing at the London Institue of Art and Design, moving from London to New York to continue his love of tattooing. He’s best know for his black, grey and white line work of mandalas and skeletons/skulls. The detail in his work is unreal, and I can only imagine the waiting list his talent commands.

This project is a mural he was commissioned to do for Frank Public Art in New York, where his passion for painting has spread to the streets. Watch the time-lapse video of him creating this gorgeous piece of work, then check out some of his recent artwork below. 

He works out of Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn, New York.

Find him on Facebook.

You can buy some of his shirts here: Shirts and Destory

He’s done work out of: New York Adorned

via: Juxtapoz Magazine – Thomas Hooper | Tattoo.


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