Before I Hide Away: The Artwork of Brandi Milne

Brandi Milne’s work speaks from human emotions – the worlds of love, loss, pain and heartbreak, but also so much beauty. Her works speak from the heart of someone with so much to say, but at one point in time thought no one would be interested. Her show, titled “Before I Hide Away,” emphasizes these doubts and blows them completely away at the same time. Her loss, pain and heartbreak are shrouded behind the cloaks of humor, and pink hues of candy coated wonderlands, detailing shy, whimsical figures waiting to tug on your heart strings. Her work is beautiful — staggeringly so — and we’re all better people for the fact she has chosen to share her world with us.

When she explains what certain paintings mean to her, you begin to understand her world a little bit more. The painting titled I Couldn’t Do A Thing For You, (above) came from her emotions of dealing with a good friend who was going through and recovering from brain surgery, and her mother losing her life to lung cancer. Witnessing these tragic events, the painting shows her dealing with sitting by their side, unable to do a thing to help. The skeleton and lungs represent her mom — who was already gone — and the figure is her still trying to help her. How painful and difficult it must have been for her to see her friend and mom struggle with their physical issues. Brandi says:

“At those moments, I would have given them my life — my lungs, my brain, my heart — to save them from their pains and sufferings.”

The painting titled She Wears the Trees In Her Hair, and the Clouds In Her Eyes, (below) deals with personal change. Her best friend was moving away at the time to “be with her beau” and everything was changing around her. Her friend is the figure with the trees in her hair and head in the clouds, and the tiny figure was her trying to hold on.

Pain, loss and heartbreak are human emotions we hate to see our loved ones go through, but are emotions we will all experience at some point. We can only hope to be as strong as Brandi in these situations, or wish to be as blessed with such a creative talent in which to express our dealing with them.


4 responses to “Before I Hide Away: The Artwork of Brandi Milne

    • I totally agree. It’s like she has this sadness, but doesn’t want to bum us all out too much. So she turns her emotions into dark, and emotional fairytale images, which have us hoping there’s happiness at the ending.

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