Paradis and Their Fragile Disco Sound

Paradis is a young, cool, and hip duo from France. The French have a way of exuding cool from every ounce of their being, and it’s as if their cultural prerequisite to growing up is being young and cool first, then fading away gracefully into adulthood; while still being cool as fuck. Their beats are dreamy dance-pop melodies, with warm baselines that fill your ear drums and brain matter with images of lazy afternoon bike rides with your girlfriend to the park, which has an unassumingly huge lake.

There you picnic with your her. You drink wine and smoke Gauloises cigarettes lazily, blowing the smoke out into the afternoon heat. You strip down and take a dip in the lake when you’ve finally had enough, cooling yourselves off. You touch each other beneath the water. You embrace and kiss, feeling her breasts and hard nipples pushing into your chest. The bright, burning orange sun caresses your shoulders, and kisses them into a simple shade of pink.

You say, “I could wade here in the shallow waters with you till the sun completely vanishes, or until you say its time for another glass of wine and a Gauloises,” at which point she simply nods her soft head in agreement, and touches her gentle lips to yours.

“Their fragile disco sound is signed to Tim Sweeney’s label Beats in Space.”

Enjoy more of their music below, and see where your mind trails off and transports you too. They have an hour long mix on Beats In Space, you can buy these tunes over the RVNG bandcamp, and hook up with them on their Facebook.

via: Paradis


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