The Splendidly Saturated Hues of Neil Krug

Neil Krug is an American photographer and artist based in Los Angeles, CA. In the digital world we have come to accept as the norm, his work defies this categorization and summons the lo-fi, analog world of the vintage 60s and 70s. His work takes us to a place of cosmic light and magic, somewhere that only exists in the dreams of those lionhearted enough to see the world within these parameters. He’s continually coming up with new, visually stunning ways to express his talent. Whether it’s working with new bands, models, or locations; we can never get enough of his work. If this is the first time you’ve encountered his photography, know that a hip paradise awaits all those who enter, and leaves an impression which will never let you forget the day you came across his brilliant eye.

Neil Krug’s new work features a photoshoot with uber babe Nathalie Kelley, a Peruvian-born Australian actress who’s best known for her work in the film The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift. The photoshoot is loaded with the highly saturated hues of blue, red and pink. The photographs capture the actress participating in the humdrum chore of clipping her toenails, and the not-so mundane pose of lying prostrate on the floor with flowers covering her breasts and nether regions. Check her out on Tumblr & Twitter. (continued below)

The next shoot features model Lauren Marie Young. Who, according to The Last Magazine, hails from a town called Holmes in Pennsylvania, has been living in LA as a Venice Beach girl, and rocks Rasta headphones all the time. In her shoot, Neil Krug captures similarly exaggerated hues of orange, red, pink and blue; but throws in some serious over saturation in the warmer colors and tends to matte the cooler ones. One of the coolest aspects of the shoot were the photos taken of Lauren in a one-piece bathing suit overlaid with trippy black and white lines – creating some serious mind bending visuals for the shoot (Snoop Dogg — aka Lion — even posted one of these photos on his Instagram). Check her out on TumblrTwitter, and her blog Acrobat Butterfly.

Don’t forget to check out the breadth of Neil Krug’s work and stay up to date on his Tumblr and Flickr.

 Neil Krug

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